Magnetic Discs with adhesive backing

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The self-adhesive backing on the magnets means they can be fixed almost anywhere, in place under card flaps, on the back of signs or used in packaging. Also used with gift boxes, name badges and greetings cards that can stick to a refrigerator. If you haven’t used magnetic closer discs before, let us extol their virtues!

They can be used as unique, invisible and strong fastenings for folders, menus and high quality brochures. Our magnets are made from neodymium magnetised material and have excellent performance, some with a closing power of nearly 2Kg. We stock traditional magnets without any adhesive and also discs with adhesive backing – please ask us for samples of any of these.

The magnets are most effective when used in pairs – they will stick to each other with twice the force of sticking to a steel surface. Magnets are supplied in pairs or singles, check the pack sizes if you are not sure how many you need.