3M ATG 6mm Tape Adapter for ATG Gun

3M ATG 6mm Tape Adapter for ATG Gun

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The 3M  ATG Applicator (Adhesive Transfer Gun) is the ideal way to apply double sided ATG quickly and efficiently. This lightweight ATG 700 tape gun makes your work easy – just place the rubber roller at the starting point, pull the black trigger and roll out a strip of adhesive to your desired location. As you are applying the tape, the dispenser is collecting the amber liner inside for easy disposal when the roll is finished.

If your using 6mm wide ATG tape then you’ll also need an adapter for your ATG applicator. Don’t worry, we stock these as well!

  • Boxed with operating instructions
  • Compatible with other double sided tapes
  • Used for showcard struts, die-cut pockets, mounting and box making

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How to load your ATG gun: