Crystal Discs Sticky Round Labels

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Product Description

Crystal Discs are round sticky labels that are used to seal pockets, wallets, envelopes and mailers. They are supplied on a reel of backing paper, simply peel the sticky label off and apply. They are stocked in sizes from 19mm diameter up to 50mm diameter and you can choose removable or permanent adhesive.

Perforated sticky discs are available for applications where you can quickly open a card or folder by tearing the seal. This is often used in a security environment as well to quickly show folders or documents that have been opened.

We stock an applicator gun for these labels, if you are applying more than 1000 it is worth looking at this, it massively speeds up the process and the same gun will take many different sizes of label. You can view this product here.

Free samples are available of this product in all sizes for you to test the exact disc that would work best for you. To request samples please click here.

More Information

  • Sizes stocked are: 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 45mm and 50mm.
  • Stocked in Permanent or Removable Adhesive
  • Perforated discs with Permanent adhesive available in 25mm and 45mm sizes
  • 1000 discs per roll on all sizes except 19mm, which has 2000 discs on a roll
  • Made from clear glossy polypropylene
  • 50 micron label thickness
  • Print receptive top coating for customisable logo printing
  • High quality 95% transparency rating
  • Certified for direct contact with dry and moist non-fatty foodstuffs

Also known as:

  • Wallet labels
  • Round sticky labels
  • Sealing labels
  • Round stickers
  • Sticky discs
  • Perforated discs
  • Sealing Wax Label
  • Tearable labels

What our customers say about this product:

“We’ve used Presco’s crystal discs for years – they are a simple product on reels of a thousand, we find the adhesive is good and have used perf. ones as well. Tackiness is good, great productâ€?

“We call these labels wallet stickers as we always see them on plastic PVC wallets. We used them on a mailing card for our customer where you break the perforated seal and the card opens out in a concertinaâ€?.

Typically used with:

  • Custom plastic PVC wallets (like children’s crayon packets etc.)
  • Mailers, from card, plastic or other
  • Envelopes, paper, card and plastic
  • Crystal Disc Applicator Gun

Additional Information:

  • Permanent adhesive is acrylic, emulsion based adhesive that is over 95% transparent
  • Removable adhesive is an acrylic water based adhesive
  • 3 years shelf life on permanent adhesive
  • 2 years shelf life on removable adhesive